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Our club was formed after a visit to Nelson Bay (NSW) in 1982 by Lloyd Collins who talked with members of their recently formed Probus Club. He became enthusiastic regarding the possibiltiy of a Club being formed on the Southern Mornington Peninsula.  On his return he met with the Rotary Club of Sorrento and suggested they might wish to sponsor a Club in the area. Sorrento Club Rotarians Ern Turner and Ralph Parry, and  their President Neil Briggs together with Lloyd Collins, called a meeting and sought foundation members to establish a Probus Club. This meeting was held at the Sorrento Golf Club on the 15th November 1982 with Rotary President Neil Briggs in the chair. At this meeting a committee was elected. The members were Lloyd Collins (President), David Weymouth-Wilson (Vice President), Lindsay McCallum (Secretary), Ern Turner (Treasurer), Murray Jones, Ralph Parry and Roy Hammond (Committee). All invitees present- some 65 in number-became foundation members.  As a result, the all male, Southern Peninsula Probus Club was formed and it was to be the first in Victoria outside the Metropolitan area.

The Club commences it’s year in March with an Annual General Meeting at which the new President and Committee is elected.  All new members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of Club activities and to consider either nominating for the Committee or assisting committee members in sub group activities.

The Club banner was produced at our 25th Anniversary, and a new banner was introduced at our 30th Anniversary luncheon in November 2012.

A range of activities are offered to members.  These include Theatre and Film Nights, Luncheon outings, Bay Trips, Annual Golf Day, Garden Visits, Caravan and Cabin Trips (usually 3-4 days) plus visits to Places of Interest,etc,  Wives and/or partners are welcomed to all Club activities and Events.  Suggestions for activities are welcomed by the Activities Director.

A Club newsletter is produced monthly and distributed to all members either by email or printed copy.  Printed copies are available at the attendance/welcome desk each meeting.

In 2012, the Club established this website, for the benefit of members and prospective members.

The Club meets second Monday of the month at the Sorrento RSL Club, Hurley Street Sorrento  at 10.00am.  Reports from the President, Secretary, Welfare Officer and Activities Director are followed by a a segment titled “Man behind the Badge” which is a short talk by a member giving information of his life and career that may not be known to all members.  We have a 15-20 minute Fellowship break with morning tea served. This is a valuable time for conviviality amongst both new and old members.

Celebrating 40 Years – 1982 -2022

The year 2022 will see our Club celebrating 40 years of service to the Southern Peninsula Community. More than 350 members have been part of our club activities during the past 40 years that our Probus club has been operating. And although a “retired men’s” club , members wives and partners have participated at our meetings and social events. This indicates that upwards of some 700 people have been able to participate in and enjoy a club which fosters the true spirit of Probus – friendship, fellowship and fun for retirees.  Part of our 40th celebrations include a 170 page Club History booklet to be distributed free to Members with a copy available for perusal  in the Mornington Peninsula Shire Library.

We welcome applications to join our Club, and prospective applicants should note that our membership is capped at 100 plus Honorary Life Members


Probus is all about Friendship, Fellowship and Fun in retirement.

Probus provides you with the opportunity to join together in clubs and to progress healthy minds and active bodies through social interaction and activities with retirees in your community.

Probus opens the door to new experiences and friendships, you can hear wonderful guest speakers, stay active by participating in a wide range of activities and explore your community, your country or the world.

Probus offers a range of member benefits and to quote a recent Probus Club member “the day I joined my Probus Club, I instantly had 100 new friends” – That is Probus, Friendship, Fellowship and Fun.

Join 130,000 retirees across Australia and New Zealand today and discover the wonderful world of Probus, look for your local club

As a Probus club member you are entitled to access exciting benefits:

  • Flagship Probus publication – ACTIVE RETIREESTM Magazine
  • Competitions
  • Probus Member Benefits Scheme
  • Probus National Insurance Scheme
  • Probus Travel Insurance
  • Probus Getaways
  • For Membership enquiries,   please call      
  • President David Kennedy 0412 310 002   or
  • Membership Director Don Campbell on  0416 229 960                                                    

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